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November 23, 2023


Financial Assessment of Waste to Energy Options for Municipal Solid Waste Management. Tehran Case Study – Video

Ali Marefat et al.


Energy and Environmental Management System – Poster

Jelena Malenović Nikolić


Challenges and Potential Applications of the Renewable Energy for Desalination – Poster

Ammar Zeghloul


Calorific Value and Thermogravimetry of Bio-oil from Pyrolysis of PB and PR

Philip Alexandre Araújo Ventura dos Santos et al.


Purification of Sewage and Pharmaceutical Wastewater in Urban Areas Using Renewable Dead Biomass – Poster

Esam Saleh et al.


Effect of Temperature on the Absorption of Chrome and Silica-based Solar Absorbing Surfaces – Poster

Mikaely Renaly Carlos da Silva et al.


Numerical Model for Computation of Induced Voltages along Double-circuit Overhead Transmission Lines – Poster

Ivica Jurić-Grgić et al.


Process Parameter Optimization of Al7SiMg Alloy Casting by Means of Probability-based Multi-objective Optimization – Poster

Zheng et al.


Structural, Microstructural, Optical, and Electrical Properties of Nickel Doped Tin Oxide Films by PSP Method for Photovoltaic Application – Video

Roguai Sabrina et al.


Thermodynamic Analysis of a Rankine Cycle Integrated to the Biogas Plant at the Metropolitan Sanitary Landfill of João Pessoa, Northeast Brazil – Poster

Djayr Bispo et al.


Exploiting Renewable Energy in Iraq to Conquer the Problem of Electricity Shortage and Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Poster

Muthanna M. Al-Hadeethi et al.


The Impact of Fuel-air Mixture Richness on Turbulent, Premixed CH4-H2 (50%-50%) Flames within a High-pressure Generic Swirl Burner – Poster

Sofiane Ouali


Numerical Study of Single Slope Solar Still with Phase Change Material – Video

Reda Aftiss et al.


Coal Price Forecasting Model for Underground Mine and Thermal Power Plant Interaction – Poster

Miloš Gligorić et al.


AC Current Measurement with ARM Microcontroller and Current Transformer CR8349-1500 – Poster

Đorđe Lazarević et al.


CFD Evaluation of Fractal-Type Structures for Improved Heat Transfer in Heat Exchangers (Part A) – Poster

Abdulmuttalib A. Muhsen et al.


MHD Mixed Convection and Pressure Drop in an Open Cavity with a Solid-Porous Fin – Poster

Brahim Fersadou et al.


Factors Influencing the Energy Consumption of a University Building: Comparison between Two Different Climates

Abdoul-Razak Ali-Tagba et al.


Self-excited Induction Generator for Supporting Grid-isolated Loads in Microgrid with its Techno-Economic Analysis – Poster

Arunava Chatterjee


Environmental Payback of a Solar Photovoltaic System installed in the Brazilian Northeast – Poster

Luiz Felipe Souza Fonseca et al.


Natural Power of Medium Voltage Electric Power Distribution Lines as a Criterion for Optimal Management of the Existing Electric Power Distribution Grid and its Reconstruction – Poster

Suad Halilčević


Comparison of Traditional and Non-Traditional Economic Instruments in Solid Waste Management – Video

Javad Yahaghi et al.


Novel Loco Pilot training Optimization and Rapid E- Learning inspired Algorithm for solving the True Power Loss Reduction Problem in Electrical Transmission System – Video

Lenin Kanagasabai


Comparative Study on the Impact of the Nature of Fluids Used in CPV/T-TEG Systems – Poster

Mouaici et al.


Copper Ferrites and Solar Radiation in the Removal of Rhodamine B: A Bibliometric Approach – Poster

Andrezza Pereira de Matos et al.


Photovoltaic Solar Energy to Mitigate Emissions Associated With Public Buildings: A Bibliometric Study – Poster

Ana Paula Freire de Araújo et al.



November 24, 2023


The Future belongs to High Efficiency: Nonflammable Batteries, Wireless Charging, Hydrogen and Efuel Production – Live 10:30-10:50 AM (CET)

Milan Prokin  et al.


CFD Analysis of Flow Through A Ribbed Solar Air Heater Plastic Absorber – Live 11:00-11:20 AM (CET)

David Okenwa et al.


Study of Optimal Injection of Renewable Energy into Distribution Power Grid – Live 11:30-11:50 AM (CET)

Yao Bokovi et al.


Predicting Nitrous Oxide Emissions in Ghana using Long Short-Term Memory and Gated Recurrent Neural Network – Live 12:00-12:20 PM (CET)

Benjamin Odoi et al.


Analyzing Heat Transfer Mechanisms in a Thermodynamic Concentrator – Live 12:30-12:50 PM (CET)

Loubna Benhabib  et al.



Neural Networks in Pellet Combustion Control – an Overview of the Group’s Research Work in 2022/2023 – Poster

Stefan Popovic et al.


Quantitative Study of Afforestation present in Quitaiús de Lavras da Mangabeira/Ceará/Brazil – Poster

Isaac Anderson Alves de Moura et al.


Urban Waste as an Energy Source: Dumps Change in Paraíba’s Landfills – Poster

Sahyonara Estrela de Lacerda Hussein Mélo et al.


Lab-scale Assessment of Biogas Generation using Seaweed in Northeast Brazil – Poster

Mikaely Renaly Carlos da Silva et al.


Developing Policy Schemes for Grid-scale Microgrids: A Case Study of the USA – Poster

Mohammad Hassan Bahmani et al.


Characterization of Galactomanan from Prosopis Juliflora (Sw.) DC. Obtained by Ethanolic Removal – Poster

Kerolayne santos Leite et al.


Thermal Efficiency of a PVC Honeycomb Solar Collector – Poster

Kewyn Ohan Mazer Bueno et al.


Characterization of Watermelon Rind for Energy Purposes – Poster

Mikaely Renaly Carlos da Silva et al.


Energetic Evaluation and Life Cycle Assessment as Strategies for Sustainability Analysis: Application for Industrial Refrigeration Systems – Poster

Marcos Oliveira Oliveira Lima et al.


Activation Function Effects on the Power Forecasting of a Photovoltaic Plant – Video

Antonio Rivero-Cacho et al.


Ejector Stack Design and Fan Selection for Efficient Flue Gas Discharge: A Computational Fluid Dynamics Study – Video

Masoud Darbandi et al.


Dynamic Influence of Shapes inside Reformer of Methanol Steam Reaction – Poster

Abaidi Abou Houraira et al.


Sustainable Location of Solar Plants: An Integrated Bibliometric Approach on Gis-Multi-Criteria Methods – Poster

Gustavo Gonçalves et al.


Designing a Social Resilience Index for Electricity Power Systems – Poster

Amir Niroomandfam et al.


Energetic Properties of Sugar Cane Bagass during Storage in an Ethanol Production Plant – Poster

Rosa Helena César Freire de Souza et al.


Simulation Study of the Improvement of the Performance of the Drying Unit of the JLE-Jijel Company – Poster

Toumi et al.


Preparation and Characterization of Biochar from Pineapple and Sugarcane Solid Wastes – Poster

Sidney de Souza Plácido Júnior et al.


Design and Characterization in Laminar Flow and Simulation of Gas–liquid Flow in a Helical Static Mixer

Ourdia Benabdellaziz et al.


Analysis of Voltage-current Characteristics of Non-linear Electric Loads – Poster

Bakir Agić et al.


CuO and CuO/ZnO Nanostructures in Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil

Philip Alexandre Araújo Ventura dos Santos et al.


Fuzzy Logic Control of 5MW Grid Connected Wind Turbine – Poster

Ali Berboucha et al.


Ideal and Static Magnetohydrodynamics Computation for Plasma Fusion – Poster

Amina Djellouli et al.


Tube Geometry Influence on Heat Exchanger Efficiency: Part B – Comparative Analysis Poster

Abdulmuttalib A. Muhsen et al.


Utilization of the Probabilistic Robust Design in Concurrent Optimization of Machinability and Tool Life in Machining Process – Poster

Zheng et al.



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