4th Virtual International Conference on
Science, Technology and Management in Energy
October 25-26, 2018

  Energy Management
• Energy and Environmental Policies
• Energy Markets Deregulation and Liberalization
• Consumer's Choice in the Liberalized Energy Market
• Energy and Environmental Management System
• Engineering Aspects of Energy Management
• National Legislation on Energy Management
• Training, Qualifications and Role of the Energy Manager
• The Role and Need for Standardization and International Harmonization
• Alternative Energy Sources
• Distributed Energy Management
• Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Control
• Power Economics
• Power System Management
• Power System Control and Protection
• Energy Risk Measurement and Management
• Uncertainty and Risk Management Methods
• Sustainable Energy Technologies
• Managing  Risk in the Energy Enterprise
• Modelling of Energy Systems and Prediction
• Optimisation Techniques Applied to Power Systems Planning
• Distribution Systems Monitoring, Operation and Control
• Power Systems Dynamics and Operation
• Distributed Energy Systems
• Energy Process and System Simulation, Modelling and Optimization
• Process Energy Management
• Renewable Energy Sources and Water Management
• Economic Analysis and Life Cycle Costing

  Energy Modeling, Planning and Policies
• Energy Planning Institutionalization
• Government Role in Energy Policies
• Planning and Privatization in Energy Sector
• National Energy Models

  Energy Efficiency and Conservation
• The Role of Energy Saving Companies
• Energy Saving Regulations and Incentives
• Energy Auditing/Energy Standards
• Energy Saving; Non Price Based Solution
• Planning of Distributed Storage Systems
• Energy Saving and Security of Global Energy Supply
• Cultural Aspects of  Energy Conservation

  Energy Pricing Policies
• Energy Taxation and Subsidies
• Energy Pricing in Developing Countries
• Energy Pricing and Energy Intensity
• Recent Oil Prices; Impact on Energy Intensity
• Social Aspects of Energy Pricing

  New Technologies for Energy Saving
• Economic Aspects of Advanced Technologies
• Energy Saving Technologies, Equipment and Material
• Achievements in Energy Saving Technologies

  Energy and Climate Change
• Energy Saving Projects and Clean Development Mechanisms
• Pollutant Emissions and Related Costs
• Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
• Kyoto Protocol and International Regulations for Emission Control

  Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuels
• Alternative Fuels in Transportation
• Economic Aspects of  Renewable Energy
• Fossil Fuels and New Energy Vectors
• Industrial ecology
• Renewables, Non-renewables, and Hybrid Power Systems
• Fuel Cells Materials and Hydrogen Energy
• Wind Energy Resources and Technologies
• Hydro Energy, Materials and Technologies
• Biomass/Biofuel Energy, Materials and Technologies
• Nuclear Energy
• Fusion Energy
• Thermal Energy
• Advanced Solar Technology
• Batteries Design, Modeling, and Characterization
• Nanotechnology and Energy
• Wind Turbine Technology
• Photovoltaic Cell Design and Optimization
• Solar Water Pumping, Heating and Desalination
• Solar Cells Energy, Materials and Technologies
• Thermodynamic and Energy Optimization
  Computational Methods in Energy Economics
• Forecasting models for energy prices (oil, coal, gas, electricity)
• Pricing models in energy markets (mean reversion, jump diffusion)
• Investment analysis models in energy projects (portfolio theory)
• Econometric modeling for energy demands
• Energy and environment policy modeling
• Modeling strategic behavior for energy security
• Hybrid energy-economy models for energy policy simulation
• Statistical analysis of energy cost, energy consumption and economic growth
• Energy risk management (risk measurement, hedging strategy and instruments)

  Energy Economics
• Combined heat and power
• Competitive markets and regulation/deregulation
• Cross border flows of electricity and gas
• Electricity labeling (Green Electricity, CHP - certificates)
• Electricity power exchanges and energy trading
• Energy taxation versus CO2 taxation
• Evaluation of prices of gas and electricity/price volatility
• Future demands for energy in industry
• Impact of environmental regulation on energy production, and consumption
• Industry and CO2 – emissions
• Industry and energy policy issues
• Investment in power production: base load and peak load
• Kyoto and beyond
• Liberalisation of electricity / gas markets: realisations, problems, and prospects
• Renewables (wind, biomass, photovoltaic,…) and market prices
• Security of supply (generation capacity) for gas, electricity and infrastructure
• Technological Progress, Energy and Industry
• Technology issues in energy production and consumption

  Sustainable Energy Technologies
• Intelligent Energy Power Transmission
• Distribution, Interconnects, and Protection
• Sustainable Energy Resources and System
• Green Building Design and System
• Power Electronics and Energy Conversion
• Energy Network

• ICT for Sustainable Homes
• Smart Homes
• Cyber Security in Power Systems Operation and Control
• Safety Management
• Renewable Energy and Society
• Sustainable Cities, Communities and Buildings
• Energy Education
• Vehicle to Grid
• Advanced Electric Car
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