Review of GIS application in energy research

Research in energy industry involves various types of tools and methods. The objective of this paper is to review the application of GIS in this field. The analysis includes 123 articles for the period 2014-2018. The articles were analysed according to following criteria: 1) research objective, 2) type of energy according to source, 3) methodological priority, 4) the tool/method applied, 5) methodological approach, 6) purpose of use, 7) innovation, 8) spatial level, 9) software used, 10) geographical distribution. Results shows an increase in the use of GIS in energy research from 2014 onwards, mostly in feasibility studies with a prominent focus on solar energy. In most cases, GIS is employed as a primary tool usually combined with multi-criteria decision making methods. In the term of purpose and innovation, analysis and application of existing tools dominate. The most used software is ArcGIS while a considerable number of articles comes from Italy.

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