Reducing Smart Microgrid Dependency on the Main Grid using Electric Vehicles and Decentralized Control Systems

This paper proposes a new control system to reduce the power flow at the integration point of DC smart microgrids (SMGs) equipped with non-dispatchable renewable energy resources. The control system is fully decentralized, and it is based on the cooperative control, which requires the minimal communication infrastructure. In the proposed method, plug-in electric vehicles are utilized as distributed energy storage systems to mitigate the power-flow fluctuation. The PEVs start charging in excess of generation, and discharge in generation shortage. The proposed method decreases the dependency of SMGs on the main grid. It also improves the overall power quality in the bulk power systems by minimizing the integration point power-flow fluctuations. The proposed control system is evaluated using Matlab/Simulink. According to the simulation results, the performance of the proposed method is assessed, and its pros and cons are discussed.

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