Comparative Analysis of Operating Parameters of Medium-Speed Diesel, Gas Diesel and Gas Engines

Conversion of medium-speed engines to operate on natural gas is a pressing issue because gas is cheaper than oil and combustion of gas in the cylinders of IC engines decreases emissions of pollutants and CO2. Using gas as fuel for medium-speed engines is especially reasonable because they consume a lot of fuel during their life cycle. Two main methods of conversion of diesel engines were examined: gas engines operating on a lean mixture and gas diesel engines. Comparative analysis of parameters of diesel, gas diesel and gas versions of a medium-speed locomotive engine was carried out using a simulation model developed in MADI calibrated by the results of experimental research of a high-speed diesel and gas diesel engines and medium-speed diesel engine, as well as calculations using a multi-zone model. Transfer from diesel cycle to gas and gas diesel cycles resulted in considerable decrease of fuel consumption and emissions of particles, NOx and CO2. Medium-speed gas engine was found to be most suitable for electric energy generation and gas diesel engine – for transport application such as locomotive engine.

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