Application of Multi-criteria Decision-making Methods in Energy Research – a Review

Multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) has been widely employed in different research domains that typically involve complex decision-making problems. Energy planning is one of the most challenging contemporary development domain. Building on previous studies, the objective of this paper is to review some characteristics of recent application of MCDM in energy research. 132 articles from the Scopus database, for period 2017-2018 were analyzed in respect to ten criteria. Besides the rising trend in application of MCDM it is shown that 1) the most used method is AHP, 2) the traditional form dominates, 3) MCDM are primarily used in evaluation studies, focusing on combined energy sources or solar energy, 4) hybrid approaches are employed more than individual methods, 5) most of the MCDM methods are applied in its original form, 6) the most researched spatial level is national, 7) top-ranked journal is Energy, and 8) most articles come from China.

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  1. Elson Avallone says: Reply

    The comparative analysis between the different sources of energy is very important and enlightening.
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