Analysis of an Indirect Evaporative Air Cooler

Performance of a counter-flow indirect evaporative air cooling device is analysed numerically. The device characteristic dimensions, inlet air temperature and humidity as well as inlet air velocity are investigated for the assessment of the thermal performance with the aim to determine the most influential design parameters. Additionally, design guidelines for central european climatic conditions are given.

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  1. Elson Avallone says: Reply

    Your work is very interesting.
    I would like to know how you calculate the energy used in the system.
    I invite you to visit the work developed by our research group and make your comments (Low Cost Cup Electronic Anemometer – Quality Management of Sugarcane focused on Efficient Bioelectricity, Ethanol and Sugar Production – Range of Porosity in Typical Regenerators for an Appropriate Balance Between Heat Exchange and Pressure Drop).
    Thank you very much.

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